WordPress websites, done the right way.

WordPress is fantastic platform for a great variety of websites.  It can handle pretty much whatever you want to throw at it from a simple marketing site to a more complex multi-lingual or e-commerce sites and everything in between.

WordPress, done right

Not all WordPress are born equal, there are good ways to build a WordPress site, and there are definitely bad ways – and we have seen them all in our 17 years of creating WordPress sites!

Rest assured that we do WordPress the right way:

  • sites built with thought and care
  • straight-forward to understand and maintain
  • without a reliance on a whole plethora of plugins or off-the-shelf themes of dubious or unproven quality
  • Professionally put together – we really do know the technologies that we work with back to front and inside out.
  • Consideration given to who will be updating the site, their desired level of involvement and technical know-how.

Bespoke or Divi Theme

If you are embarking on a website project with us, we have a choice of two development pathways, bespoke or using the ‘off-the-shelf’ Divi theme.


With a bespoke website we can craft a design and layout that perfectly matches your brand and content.

We can also build highly custom functionality that will slot right into the site.

Bespoke sites also enables us to create a  super clean and focussed admin area, with only elements required to manage the site shown and no fluff. This can really help with taking away the ‘fear factor’ of updating a site where you’re scared to change something in case you break it.  We aim to make our sites break-proof so that you can update content with confidence!

Take a look at our portfolio to view our bespoke WordPress work.


Divi is the only off-the-shelf theme that we use.

A major problem with a lot of other off-the-shelf themes is that they often come with a ‘kitchen sink’ list of features – most of which your site won’t need and which only serve to make the management of the site confusing and can also seriously impact the performance of the site.

Many off-the-shelf themes have a short lifespan too, and when updates for the theme stop the site becomes more vulnerable to being hacked or the site breaks due to not keeping up with WordPress core updates.

Why do we only use the Divi ‘off-the-shelf’ theme?


  • has been around for over a decade,
  • is updated regularly,
  • receives new features regularly,
  • it’s fast,
  • it’s robust,
  • it’s secure,
  • it’s quick to work with,
  • for an off-the-shelf theme, it’s very flexible,
  • can be taught to non-technical folk

To see what’s possible with Divi take a look at our portfolio.


Pros and Cons of Bespoke & Divi


We offer a range of professional specialist WordPress hosting packages to suit both your budget and scale of site.  All of our hosting is secure, reliable and fast.  From £15/month.


Hopefully this gives you a good overview of the options for commissioning a website with us.  If you have any further question, please get in touch for a friendly, no-obligation chat about your business’s needs.

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