Do you have a WordPress website in need of someone to look after it, and care for it as if it was their own?

If so, we can help…

Did you commission a site a few years ago, but did consider maintenance at the time and now have issues that need resolving?

Or has your previous developer done a runner or ceased trading?

Or maybe you just weren’t happy with support that you received elsewhere.

Anyway, take a deep breath.  We’re here to help and get your site back to peak health.

Site Health Assessment

We always start with a comprehensive assessment of your site’s health, looking at:

  • what the site has been used for previously
  • what you want to use the site for now
  • how up to date it is (or not),
  • what theme is used and are updates still available
  • what plugins are active and what they are used for
  • what hosting it is on

We will then produce a report advising of the actions required to get the site back into a healthy state.

The site health assessment costs £100.

On-going Care

Once everything is up to date and stable we would advise joining our WordPress Care service, which will ensure that it stays that way as we’ll take care of on-going updates and perform regular security scans amongst a number of other great features to keep your site in tip-top condition. Check it out.

New Features and Content Updates

If you require new features developing for your site or would like help updating the content, we can help with that too.

All work is charged at the current hourly rate or you can buy a block of Pay as You Go support time from us at a discount.

For larger pieces of work we offer fixed-price quotes, providing that the scope of work is sufficiently well designed and that we’re confident that the underlying site is stable enough.

Let's have a chat about your web project